Our Story

_ Our Story
We believe software should simplify the many processes within healthcare. We spend our days figuring out innovative and impactful ways to do just that across the continuum of care.

Our purpose

At iWT health we simplify the process of healthcare by creating software that is intuitive, valuable, and designed by and for caregivers and patients.

Why we do what we do

At iWT health we believe healthcare and wellness are an essential part of a strong society. We combine our technology, skills, and hard work to help caregivers provide high quality care and ensure patients stay safe. We have a passion for creating peace of mind, wellness, and better care. We see our work as an adventure and want to have fun while we do it.

The values which we believe and upon which we depend

At iWT health we call the common values upon which we stand our pillars. They serve as our guiding principles and include:

Integrity– we have the courage to be honest with each other in all of our dealings with our clients regardless of outcome, and with ourselves to become better people; we work hard regardless of who is or is not watching; we value honest feedback; we stand for something good

Innovation- we believe the best ideas should win regardless of origin: we are relentless in our drive to find a better way; we balance the details and the big picture; we create things for our clients that they cannot do for themselves; we will lead the thinking

Partnership- we succeed when we listen to our clients; we build deep relationships of trust; we are responsive and flexible for our clients because we know this makes their work easier; we embrace an agile approach and ensure regular feedback; we remember user experience is key

Shared Culture- we will have a great place to work; we value people because of their contribution and intrinsic worth; we have passion for our work; we think quality attracts quality; we count on teamwork and expect collegiality; we know it takes investment and effort to build a high performance organization

How we started

iWT health was started 6 years ago by individuals from various hospital and HIT backgrounds. With dozens of cumulative years of experience in performance improvement consulting, data integration, IT implementation, hospital turnaround and health system strategy, this group of passionate individuals committed themselves to build important software that healthcare workers love to use. We continue to evolve with that core motivation.

How we grow

iWT health has grown by building innovative software, deploying useful products, harnessing great partnerships and leveraging our customers’ word of mouth marketing. Some of our clients are within the largest and most important health systems in America and Canada serving large urban populations. And some of our clients are independent regional health systems taking care of people in small towns all over America. We are proud of them all. The footprint of iWT health will continue to grow through our traditional means as well new commitment and dedicated resources for presenting and selling ourselves to more health systems we want to serve.

Where we work

iWT health is a geographically diverse organization by design. We have data centers in Indiana and Kentucky, and offices in Illinois, Utah, Washington and Kentucky. Our employees are in every region of the country and we can often be found at our customer hospitals in nearly every state in America and Canada.

Joining the team

If iWT health sounds like an organization that shares your personal vision and values please reach out to us. We are thriving and constantly in search of new talent for the team. We believe quality attracts quality. We need software developers, skilled client managers, proven sales representatives and motivated people with something to prove. If you have experience and/or passion for changing healthcare through better technology, send your profile/materials/links/etc. to careers.

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