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Your time is too important to waste. Patients need you. iWT health software focuses on one thing—simplifying the process of healthcare so you and your care team can spend more time with patients and optimize their care experience

Healthtrax Whiteboard
Healthtrax Whiteboard revolutionizes the traditional patient room dry erase board by digitizing and aggregating data from across the hospital setting and making it securely available to those who need it. Using the secure cloud Healthtrax Whiteboard takes previously disparate information, extends communication channels, and provides visualization of patient care information to both the care team and the share team (friends, family and guardians). The result is a simplified process for patient care that drives higher patient satisfaction, informed family members, and a more efficient and informed staff.
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BedReady is a proven software application for capacity management and patient throughput. Offering a vast array of data integration, situation alerts, information visualization and automatic communications, it links all the players into a system for simple management of patients to a ready bed in a ready room at the right time.
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Servready is a robust secure communications system for sending, receiving, tracking, and reporting progress for shared services such as transport, environmental services (EVS), and facilities. The software is built for point-to-point or dispatch-managed assignments and can send messages via direct (pager, mobile phone) and indirect (answering service, office) paths. All communications operate within a HIPAA compliant environment.
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Accessright makes sure the right person gets the right access to the right systems at the right time. Accessright reduces the time and effort involved in user provisioning by automating processes and streamlining workflow required to set up new employees, change employee security privileges and remove privileges for terminated employees. It provides metrics and visibility into this key component of the onboarding and offboarding process.
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PARReady is a simple and intuitive software application for the selecting, tracking, stocking, and billing of nursing supply closet inventory. PARReady digitizes the process using touchscreens, scanners and badge readers with an easy-to-use interface which means no more chasing supplies, desperate calls for restocking, or stickers on your sleeves.
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Carequick takes an innovative approach to clinical documentation and the result is a simple interface for charting that is really easy for nurses and other staff to use. Carequick can function as an EHR or operate as an intuitive documentation layer for other EHR systems. Adaptable to any workflow Carequick reduces charting time by 50% which leaves your staff more time to care for patients.
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Healthcare Environment Optimization
Health Environment Optimization (HEO) helps you reduce energy use, save money, and mitigate risk within your operating rooms (OR). It simplifies clinical workflows such as documentation, and ensures optimal and efficient OR conditions.
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Lynxit seamlessly facilitates secure, timely, accurate, and trackable communication between providers and nursing staff. By reducing the time it takes to deliver and respond to a messages, Lynxit helps clinical teams make informed decisions faster than ever before.
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