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Ensure HIPAA compliance. Protect confidential personal information. Improve provisioning efficiency.

Provisioning Made Fast, Simple, and Safe

Accessright is a power user provisioning system that ensures users gain access only to those applications required as part of their job function. Accessright reduces the time and effort by automating processes and streamlining work flow required to set up new employees, propagate changes to employee security privileges, and remove privileges for terminated employees.

Interfacing with your human resources system, Accessright can automatically provision user accounts based on employment status, roles, and responsibilities. New users are presented with a summary sheet of their user account information and are immediately ready to get to work. With the continued focus on data security, Accessright reduces the risk of data breaches or exposure of confidential information by disenfranchised staff. The system helps ensure compliance with regulation so that appropriate actions are taken to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure.

Create, deploy, enforce, and monitor security policies across your domain without requiring special server hardware. Take advantage of your Active Directory infrastructure for high scalability, with the opportunity to add more users and more applications as you expand. Hospitals and clinics can move towards their Meaningful Use and HIPAA Security goals while making electronic health records and enterprise applications more easily and more readily accessible.

3 Major Risks of Poor User Provisioning

Accessright Features & Benefits

Role-based methodologyRapid provisioning deployment, system access consistency
HR system integrationFast deployment, alignment with HR records
Work flow management of non-automated processesEnsures provisioning communications take place and are
Cross system auto-administrationCentralized provisioning, removes human dependencies
Compliance and audit reportingFast access to reports to show compliance to state and
federal regulations and standards
TraceabilityValidate and show patterns of all requests, approvals, and assignments

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