_ Bedready®
Optimize patient flow. Improve resource utilization. Increase patient satisfaction.

Dramatically Improve Patient Throughput!

There’s never been more pressure on hospitals to improve capacity management and throughput. You might already have a bed management application within your EHR. You might even have processes in place with trained staff. So why is this still an issue?

Chances are if you have technology in place, it’s a reactive bed management system that relies on very busy staff to manage, coordinate, and facilitate ongoing communications, scheduling, and oversight throughout their day.

We thought there was a simpler and more efficient way so we created Bedready—a real-time bed management and communications system that simplifies the entire bed control process and seamlessly keeps everyone, from administration staff to clinical staff, and support services actively informed so patients get the right type of room at the right time.

BedReady Features and Benefits
Automated bed requestImproved patient flow
Automated dispatch of transport and EVS staffReduced FTEs
EVS staff provisioning prior to ADT orderReduced patient delays from ED
Customizable Real-time alertsOptimized patient flow, rapid intervention, tracer activity notices
Full screen bed board displayFacility-wide access to assignment status
Patient progress board
Keeps family informed while patient is out of the room
Tracking and notifications on readmissions Real time case study ability on readmissions, and ED notifications to help prevent readmissions
Patient location displayEasy location of patients during rounding
Intuitive reporting and dashboardsPowerful insight on productivity trends, transport volumes, and much more
Support for all core services including transport and housekeepingOne system to support all facets of bed management

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