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Dramatically reduce clinical documentation time. Meet Meaningful Use requirements. Make your current EHR more efficient.

Make Clinical Documentation Fast and Easy

Data is a critical part of healthcare. However, most EHRs today have clinicians spending almost as much time doing data entry as patient care. That’s why we created Carequick, a state-of-the-art, intuitive clinical documentation system that reduces documentation. Carequick patterns data entry based on a clinician’s workflow and provides advanced touchscreen selections that are super-fast and easy to learn and use. The result? Hospitals using Carequick have reported a 50%+ reduction in time spent with clinical documentation.

Easily adaptable to the workflow of any hospital, Carequick improves nursing efficiency and frees up time to be spent on patient care. Here’s what one clinician using Carequick had to say, "I used to get out of the door at 9:00 or 9:30, having to stay and chart. Now I am gone by 7:00, thanks to Carequick. This is a very user-friendly system that requires little training to the nursing team!”

Whether you have an EHR in place and want to improve efficiency or you need a certified EHR system, Carequick has you covered.
Features and Benefits
Carequick Features and Benefits
Intuitive, easy to use data entryImproved data entry efficiency
Bedside task trackingEnsure all steps of patient care
Real-time data savesNever have to reenter data
Configurable screensEnsures users only see the content relevant to their role
Integrated universal care plansBetter compliance with care plan requirements
Nurse assessmentsImproved regulatory compliance and quality of care
Constant tracking of best practices and alerts with care or clinical variancesEarly detection and resolution of patient safety events including never events

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