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_ Healthtrax Whiteboard
Improve care coordination. Increase patient and family engagement. Extend care team and share team communications.

Drive Better Patient Engagement and Communications

Healthtrax Whiteboard simplifies the entire process of staff/patient/family communication and interaction. It links patient level data from virtually any clinical or administrative system and makes it available across any device. Healthtrax Whiteboard resides in the secure cloud, provides two-way system interaction, and scales hospitals and systems of all sizes. The system helps everyone on both the care team (clinical, administrative, and support staff) and the share team (patient, family, and friends). With Healthtrax Whiteboard:

Clinical staff eliminate time on traditional whiteboards, quickly have ready access to more patient data, and streamline communication with patient and family.

Patients quickly know their care team, have the latest care and schedule information, and become actively engaged in their own care.

Families can keep track of loved ones remotely, have a direct messaging channel to the care team, and know the best time for visits and calls.

Healthtrax Whiteboard simplifies communication, keeps the entire care and share team informed, and optimizes patient engagement and satisfaction.

Healthtrax Whiteboard Flow

Healthtrax Whiteboard Features & Benefits

Patient room display, accessible from any Internet connected
Board updates automatically, care team can check status
remotely, patients see the latest data, family is always in the
Seamless EHR and core system integrationReal-times updates, two-way communications
Care team member names, bios, picturesRapid care team recognition and faster time to comfort for
patients and families
Interactive input screensCare team can easily capture key data points not present in
the EHR or other systems
Secure authentication and encryption for all care team and
share team members
HIPAA compliance, easy access to info by care team
Comprehensive views of patient and care process informationCare team has the right patient data at the right time
Preemptive patient satisfaction prompts, alerts, and educationImprove patient satisfaction scores, quickly resolve issues
before they impact satisfaction
Configurable catalog of relevant links and information for
care team and share team use
Patients and family have the comfort of being “in the know”,
the care team spends more time caring for patients and less
time explaining logistics and processes
Discharge planning and instructions for patient and family
with time-stamped tracking of access and viewing
Case management and discharge efficiency and compliance
Patient portal and educational resource links with timestamped
tracking of access and viewing
Better compliance, utilization, and tracking of patient use
with key tools known to positively impact patient outcomes
Secure, direct messaging between care team and patients/
approved family
Better communication, improved efficiency, share team
Extendable to discharge/outpatient period for key patientsReduce readmissions, enhance patient satisfaction

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