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Increase communication efficiency. Improve information-to-action response time. Protect patient health information.

Clinical Communications Done Right

Traditional paging has gone the way of the dinosaurs. In today's fast pace healthcare environment , hospitals and providers need a seamless and secure way to get the right information to the right clinical staff at the right time. Welcome to Lynxit-- your HIPAA compliant structured messaging platform optimized for the healthcare environment. Lynxit helps your clinical teams make informed decisions faster than ever before.

Hospitals remove the wait time and handoffs normally associated with traditional pagers and answering services.

Clinical and administrative staff can easily connect with doctors, monitor message flow and response, and analyze communications performance.

Doctors have all the information they need to make decisions and quickly send a direct note or call.

IT enjoys a HIPAA compliant system that protects data breach and liability while increasing communication efficiency.

Lyxnit simplifies clinical communication, manages outstanding messages to ensure responses to every message, and creates data analytics for response time and process improvement.

Lynxit Features and Benefits
A single, standardized communication processDocuments, tracks, and time stamps outbound communication from the hospital
Communication tracking boardConfirms all outbound messages receive responses
Adapts to existing communication workflowsUser friendly technology, works with how providers already send and receive messages
EMR integrationCorrect and consistent patient data securely relayed to providers
Configurable analytics dashboardKeep full audit logs; Create communication response time metrics for process improvement
Access from any internet connected deviceProvides security and flexibility via browser and app
Establish secure HIPAA compliant communications networksEnsures all communications are secure and protected from data breach

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