_ PARReady
Accurate inventory counts and ordering. Improved staff efficiency. Safety event early warning system.

Better Inventory Management and Patient Safety is a Scan Away

Save staff time and improve inventory control with our par inventory management system, PARReady. The PARReady system is accessed through a convenient touch screen, allowing for accurate inventory use tracking and patient charge assignment. Items in the closet are loaded in bins that are bar coded; including non-billable items.

Nurses scan items taken from the supply closet. Once an item is scanned, the usage data flows directly to the materials management application. The information is processed hourly to accurately reflect current inventory levels, allowing for the delivery of supplies at specific times throughout the day. This eliminates calls nurses must make when running out of supply items, thus saving nursing time. The process also eliminates the need to make multiple daily trips to the nursing units to manually count the inventory in the supply closet.

PARReady is also used to identify trigger events for early identification of potential patient safety events to enact early interventions or prevent protocols.

Once an item is scanned out of the supply closet, charges are automatically generated to the patient's account.

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