_ Servready
Improve shared services tracking and management. Optimize transport, EVS, and facilities efficiency. Ensure HIPAA compliant communications.


80 percent of serious medical errors involve caregiver miscommunication during patient hand-off and transfer. Specifically, 41 percent of transport issues involve communication. We can do better.

Servready makes it easy for hospitals to improve the communications and efficiency of shared services such as transport, environmental services (EVS), and facilities. It’s never been easier to ensure shared services have an intuitive and accessible way to receive assignments and communicate status. At the same time the organization is able to track performance and implement optimization initiatives based on accurate and timely trend data.

Servready Features and Benefits
Documents and timestamps communication processAssignment efficiency, full tracking and validation
Remotely change transporter destination en route without breaking up workflowsSeamless assignment, reduced downtime
Ability to send full patient information to transportersSecure viewing of all relevant data to complete tasks
HIPAA compliant, secure messaging Protection from HIPAA violations and PHI exposure
Create assignment queue as transport requests come in360 degree view of all staffing assignments
Two-way communicationsEasy access to clarifications, changes in orders
Scales to work from individual nursing units to central transport dispatch for an entire facilityFits the specific needs of your organization
Metrics and trending reportsInsights into performance and improvement opportunities

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